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It's Not Personal

It's not personal . I'm sure everyone has heard that said to them at one time or another throughout their lives, in this post I'm going to discuss what this means to me in testing from two perspectives: not catching every bug and not making found bugs personal. Every time that a bug is found that was introduced by something you helped to test it is hard to not blame yourself for letting it slip through. It's hard to reason with why that isn't your fault and what you could have done differently to find it. The only way to get through those situations is, you guessed it, don't take it personally! Now, don't think that I am some expert at this. In fact, I struggle with this every single day. I still have to give myself pep talks every once in a while to remind myself not to take it personally and to just keep moving forward.  There is no way to find every bug. That just is not possible, no matter how good you are, no matter how good your team is, someth