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What is Testing?

The ultimate question, what is testing? In case you aren't aware yet, there is no one answer. There are many different versions of testing (Hopefully I will post about some of the different methods at a later time). But the biggest point I would like to make in this post is about testing in the context of "follow the steps" testing vs thinking testing. The difference between the two of these, and which you end up doing, can make or break how you feel about testing. "Follow The Steps" Testing Follow the steps testing is, sadly, how most people still view testing. This is a testing team that simply follows the same steps for every new feature or bug to make sure that nothing in that single flow is broken. This means that every time something in the code changes the same steps are performed to make sure that there are no new issues.  Before I continue I feel the need to remind all readers that this is an opinion blog and this blog shows only my own persona

Who Am I and What's The Point?

If you don't already know who I am, my name is Bailey Hanna (hint, it's over at the side). As of right now I am a Software Test Specialist Co-op (intern) 13 months into a 16 month term. As for "Whats's The Point?", I started this co-op term without knowing what software testing really was outside of reading my job description and a handful of testing blogs. This blog is designed to help people who find themselves in the same position learn some of the lessons I did through a blog instead of through experience. That being said, you will likely experience many of the same things I did, so perhaps it is more about letting you know how I handled those situations. That is not to say that I handled all (or any) of those situations ideally but at least you can learn whatever I did through those experiences. This is a blog, that means that people all over the world can technically log onto the internet and see this whenever they please. Which means I feel the need to