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Why One Size Does Not Always Fit All

       “So, what’s your testing process like at *insert company name here*?”. We’ve all been asked this question. It comes up all the time when you tell someone that you work in testing and who you work for. People want to know what your cookie cutter process is for testing at your company; either out of genuine curiosity, a search to find a fit for their skills or to find issues in it that they think you could solve by changing “just one thing”.  What happens when the answer is “we don’t have one.”?     Teams and organizations are slowly moving away from the monolithic processes for their development teams and allowing teams to forge their own paths forward. By allowing the teams to set up processes and practices that make sense for the context of not only the project that they work on but also on the context of the experience of their individual team members. This individualized process approach has a lot of benefits for those teams as they get rid of the overhead that slowed them do