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Why Is Testing Important?

This question is one that you may be asked by people hearing about your job for the first time, by people who work in a company where they don't do testing or simply by people who are naive to the benefits of testing currently. So, why is testing important? This question is likely to put you on the defensive very quickly if you care about your job and the work you do so it's important to think about this question before it gets asked. In this post I will discuss why I feel testing is important and the different points I like to make when asked this question. In May of 2017 I was at a talk given by Mike Lyles . He hit on this point in an interesting way that really stuck with me. Mike explained that when people ask you what the value that testing brings is you don't automatically discuss what you cost the company, don't discuss the resources you need, the key is to discuss how much has been saved by testing. What I took away from that talk, and that point in particular